I’m Going to Disney World!

Well, maybe not right now but I am super excited to announce I signed up as a Disney Travel Advisor and can now help others experience the magic of Walt Disney World, Disney Land and so many other magical Disney adventures.

The first time I experienced DisneyLand, I was with 3 of my favorite people of all time – my Aunt Judy, my Mom and my sister. I was in junior high and we had just trekked from Texas all the way to California singing to a cassette tape of George Strait. I loved the park and as I grew up I longed to go to Walk Disney World.

My husband and I went for the first time about 8 years ago with our two boys and we have been two times since then. I can’t even describe how happy and energized the parks make us. We all love it and I hope that I can help every family find something magical to celebrate!

minnie mouse
Minnie Mouse Visit from 2018

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