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Table Manners in the Professional World

Ever thought of your colleagues eating like slobs? Of course not…why would any modern professional eat with poor table manners…

It’s real folks!  There is an epidemic of grown people who have no table manners! I have been thinking about creating an etiquette class for a small group of twelve year olds and in the process I am discovering adults who don’t have table manners. Which leads me to writing this post.  As professionals, we are going to industry lunches, celebrating colleagues at important events and even attending our best friend’s wedding.  What’s the quote? “It’s better to be forgotten than to be remembered for being a pig” Maybe that’s not a quote but perhaps it should be!

dinner party

Of course in my research I referenced the Emily Post Institute and their blog Top Ten Table Manners is spot on!

  1. Don’t chew with your mouth open
  2. Keep phones off the table and don’t use it until you are away from the table.
  3. Don’t use your utensils like garden tools or an ice pick
  4. Never pick your teeth
  5. Always use your napkin
  6. Don’t sip or swallow a drink until your mouth is empty with no food.
  7. Don’t cut up your whole filet at one time, piece by piece
  8. Use good posture and only have your elbows on the table between courses
  9. Ask for anything to be passed to you – no reaching!
  10. Engage in the conversation at the table

I’d like to add a few to this list and it is all common sense if you ask me:

Never talk with your mouth full of food.

Go to the restroom to blow your nose.

Never be rude to the service staff.

Do NOT EVER lick your fingers.

Don’t make a sound with your fork – hitting or scraping your teeth.

And try not to make a sound with your spoon or fork on your plate/bowl – it gives us all goosebumps!

What have you seen a grown adult do that totally grossed you out?

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